April 23, 2014

Dedon Island

Contemporary outdoor furniture manufacturer Dedon, has opened it's own resort on the island of Siargao Philippines.

Dedon island is the brainchild of owner Bobby Dekeyser who purchased and redesigned an existing lodge. He developed the idea of creating and incubator/lab island where he could place and test all of his beautiful outdoor furniture as well as create the ultimate luxury resort. Dedon style is about comfort and casual living on this paradise island in the South China Seas. They call it the "barefoot state of mind".

I have never been to Dedon Island but it's high on my list and I hope to get there one day very soon. Until then... I dream.








April 21, 2014


For most of us staples are little more than a basic office accessory. But there are a new group of artist spring up referred to as "tackers"  who use staples to create mural art. They take the use of a staple far from it's original intention as an office supply and create a new way to create visual value to a portrait or mural. These tiny tools become the paint.

French artist Baptiste Debombourg uses the tiny pieces of metal to creates these detailed masterpieces. He plays with contemporary aggression and uses secular usefulness to make us all see beauty.

How do you feel about "tackers" art? 








April 19, 2014

Most Expensive Easter Eggs of 2014

Looking for the world's most Expensive Easter egg? I found it!  It's  covered in 1,000 tiny diamonds and will fit perfectly into any basket.  Created by jewelry designer Manfred Wild , it opens up to reveal an 18K gold globe with a dove sitting on a branch. Yours for 5 million pounds.

Need something  more simple? Like a plain chocolate egg? Then Harrods can help. They sell jewelry designer Shawish's 46 thousand dollar egg which is made out of the worlds best chocolate and brushed with real gold and houses an 18k white gold pendant inside.

And if you are in NY, Sugar & Plumm has released a gigantic egg made of white, dark and milk chocolate. Infamous French chocolatier, Thierry Atlan, oversaw the design and execution of this  chocolate masterpiece which sells for about $5,000.

But even if you can't afford any of these eggs, the message of Easter can be delivered with a simple smile or basket of chocolates.  So no matter what the price of your eggs. Happy Easter!!!





Happy Easter!

April 18, 2014

Pollock at the Getty

I love the work of Jackson Pollock.  And if you do too you should check out  a wonderful exhibit is at the Getty Museum in Los Angeles through June 1st. If you are in Southern Cal. it's a wonderful experience.

Jackson Pollock was born in 1912 in Wyoming and moved to New York City at age 18. He started his career, like most artists, in the traditional techniques and then moved into and evolved to abstract expressionism.  He is best known for his unique creations in paint splatter "paint drip".   This era of work garnished him great attention and celebrity, which he had issues dealing with. Like a lot of artists, he had a troubled life filled with alcoholism, anger, love triangles and depression.  He died at age 44 after a drunk driving accident, when he crashed into a tree in 1956. 

But what he left behind is invaluable to the world of art and his work and story will live on forever. Amazing creativity!








April 16, 2014

Cleon Peterson

Cleon Peterson?  I did not know who he was either.  But now I do, and you should also.

Amongst the amazing Los Angeles street artists who live and work in the downtown area, Cleo stands out because of his unique point of view on humanity.  He paints huge monochromatic murals that seem at first glance beautiful and at second look violent. Yet they tell a story and have a true message beyond the paint. The violent scenes of war, rape and killings are his way of reminding us all that those things happen all over the world an that we need to be aware outside of our bubble of the truths of what men do to each other.  

Cleon was hired by famed artist Retna to produce a mural outside of his studio. The bright red and white wall painted in the front of the building is dramatic and strong. A great young artist in the making. One to watch.








April 14, 2014

MTV Movie Awards

I spent the weekend at the MTV Movie Awards Gifting Lounge and had a blast!  

Every year in honor of the awards ceremony, parties and events take place beforehand to celebrate the success of the actors and musicians who participated in the nominated films, and they get lots of gifts as a thank you for their work.  This year, one of the gifts was my book "The Well-Traveled Home" so I was on hand to sign and deliver them to the attending celebs.

A big thank you to everyone at GVK, SLS Hotel, MTV and to all attendees for the great reception of my book.  And congratulations to all nominees!

I'll keep you in the loop and I will be posting all of the fun photos in the next few days.




April 09, 2014

Church & State

Not new.  But cool.

The old 1930's Nabisco factory was converted into a restaurant called "Church & State" about 6 years ago.  They had a roug start but after a few changes they are on the road to success with a new chef and creative bar drinks.  The restaurant is located in an area some may call "risky" and others may call "hipster chic", but either way Church & State is always crowded and always a fun spot to hang out. 

The food is modern, Southern French bistro style with an American twist. You can order fried pig's ears, cheesy onion soup, crisply roasted marrow bones, steak-frites or grilled salmon.  You can also just sit at the bar and enjoy the hustle and have a drink.  It's worth a stop if you are downtown LA.


Exterior Church & State




Church & state


April 07, 2014

Hale Bob

Every now and then I get exited about a clothing store and I share it.  

Right now I am totally obsessed and in love with Hale Bob in Los Angeles.  They have a fantastic shop in my neck of the woods, on Robertson Blvd.  Such cool, fun patterns and such vibrant fabrics.  The cutest summer clothes ever.  Lots of flowing sheers and big print dresses. Everyone from Sofia Vergara, Eva Longoria, Cindy Crawford, Carmen Electra, Paris Hilton and  Sandra Espinet (me!) has been spotted wearing Hale Bob.

And a huge thanks to the fab girls who work there and always help me get the newest and latest. See you again soon!






Hale Bob Sandra Espinet

April 04, 2014

A.D. March Issue

I am once again so honored to be featured in the pages of Architectural Digest Latin America!

As an interior designer, A.D. is one of the most amazing publications to be featured in because it truly is a beautiful magazine that focuses on luxury design.  Thank you to everyone involved in the article, and a huge thanks to my beautiful TX client who allowed us to work on her home.

I'm feeling over the moon today.

Architectural Digest March cover

Architectural Digest Sandra Espinet Architectural Digest Sandra Espinet

March 28, 2014

One Love

One Love, at Woven Accents is a fantastic program that combines luxurious antique rugs and street art.

Antique rugs and street art?  They may seem like polar opposites. Yet the fab proveyor of unique rugs, Woven Accents on Melrose Avenue in LA has created this unique collaboration in which the best curated street artist can paint on top of some extraordinary antique rugs to create one of a kind art.  By using rugs as canvas, the artist bring their street medium into luxury homes.   Recycling an old rug and making it a canvas for a young imaginative artist is a fantastic and novel idea that I am very proud to support.

Street artist such as Kenny Sharf and Gregory Siff have participated in the "One Love" art program and are bring graffiti - the once though of as "defecating art" - into luxury homes.


Photo Feb 05 2 54 56 PM







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